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Though I may wish to leave, that cannot be. There is no going back to those days, before Angela, before acid.

1968. Everything must be torn away, ripped down like worn fabrics heavy with dust. Let light and air pour in, the limitless light. A dozen Liberation Fronts are fighting the war for all our freedoms.


At this great party in history, a young man and a young woman catch each other’s eye.

Simon is a 19-year-old dropout in London, riding the exhilaration of iconoclastic protest. Bright flares of liberation on America's West Coast draw him like a grail. Arriving in San Francisco, he finds a fire igniting whose flames must engulf the whole world.
There he falls for the enigmatic, secretive, drug-dealing Angela. Never sure what their relationship consists of, the two set out to travel across continents together, joining the streams making their way along the road to the East.
In India, Angela finds her former lover Jesse, and leaves Simon. Jesse rejects her once again, and - alone - Simon fully understands at last that dreams do not come true and nothing is what it seemed.
Love, by Andrew Sanger

Turn On, Tune In and Grow Up

The author carries us across the Atlantic and on a journey through Europe, Africa and Asia. His own life of travelling and observation makes the tale a feast for the senses. All the senses. Sights, tastes and smells that we would expect from a veteran travel writer. But also the unexpectedly visceral, sensual, pangs of hunger and lust, yearnings and learnings of the body and soul, that go far beyond the generally permitted sharings of the travelogue. Some people might not be comfortable. For the non-judgemental reader, the novel packs a very heady hit. - LAURENCE PHILLIPS (author, journalist)

​Those acid days...

LOVE is about an age-old love triangle of love and betrayal. But this is only one part of the tale. Andrew Sanger writes with brio about that period of intense fusion of love and sex, and drugs and spirituality in the late 60s early 70s and the backdrop to the unique alchemy which was the testing of boundaries that a great part of the youth in the Western World was engaged in. Spectacular and worthy of the most intrepid travellers, all who have done the trip overland will revel in the minutely detailed descriptions of places and situations. Compelling reading that keeps up the pace not only with the miles covered but also with his capacity to endure leaving his ‘youthful folly’ behind. - CAROL HIGHFIELD (reader)

A sensuous tale of travel, change, dropping out and, of course, love

The book centres around a young man, Simon, a drop-out in the 60s. We join him on his restless travels with his difficult girlfriend, Angela. Their lives are peppered with drugs, sex and a feeling of trying to escape, be free and to live differently - against a backdrop of political change. I just had to keep turning the pages... I could feel the dust on my face, the scent in the air. Highly recommended. - REBECCA ALDRIDGE (reader)

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All content copyright worldwide. © Andrew Sanger except where shown. Pictures of Andrew Sanger © Geraldine Dunham.


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