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I have four novels in print...

The Unknown Mrs Rosen (2020): “A remarkable novel... engaging and beautifully written... encompassing war, love, family, friendship and old age.” - Emma Klein.

The Slave (2013): “An excellent thriller about compassion, community, sex-trafficking and friendship. London in its microcosmic worlds is beautifully described.” - Amanda Craig.

Love (2015): “A feast for the senses... packs a very heady hit.” – Laurence Phillips.

The J-Word (2009,2018,2022): “A beautiful, thoughtful portrait of the anxieties and paradoxes of modern Jewish life.” – Linda Grant.

* * *

I am also a travel writer... 

I've contributed hundreds of articles to UK national press and other print and online media on worldwide destinations, and for ten years was editor of French Railways' customer magazine, Top Rail. I am the author or co-author of fifty guidebooks for leading travel publishers, and also worked in travel publishing as a freelance consultant, project manager and editor.


> Two for the price of one.  The Slave + The J-Word = £8.99 (+£3p&p in UK). Direct from me. Contact.

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